Environmental Design

Oakwood Commons
south euclid, ohio
Neff & Associates integrated numerous sustainable and environmentally conscious design techniques into the Oakwood Commons project. In addition to the cutting edge permeable pavements, LED lighting, EV charging stations, and LEED certified buildings, the project also contains a beautiful stormwater wetland/water quality pond, numerous bioretention swales, nearly 700’ of restored stream, 21 acres of developer donated parkland, and countless native plantings throughout the entire site. Oakwood Commons is truly an ecologically integrated retail power center.
Legacy Village
lyndhurst, ohio
As part of the mitigation requirements for the Legacy Village lifestyle center development, an existing concrete lined channel was replaced with over 1,700 lineal feet of restored stream consisting of a natural stream bed, native plantings, and integrated water features such as weirs, riffles, and plunge pools. In addition, a 0.20 acre wetland with native plantings, vernal pools, and upland hummocks was created within the floodplain.
Cumberland Park
cumberland park, ohio
With the assistance of Neff & Associates, a 2010 Surface Water Improvement Fund Grant for improvements to an existing parking lot located in Cumberland Park, Cleveland Heights, Ohio was applied for and awarded. Engineering, landscape architectural and surveying services were provided for this project that has improved the quality of stormwater runoff from the existing parking lot. This was accomplished by incorporating bioretention basins and reducing impervious surfaces.